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With this combination of products, be sure that you're getting that body fit and shaped for summer in no time!This promo includes: - Sport Waist Cincher ($54.99)- Warm Slimming Coffee Gel 500 gr ($29.99) - Osmotic Seaweed and Eucalyptus Wrapping Paper ($13.99)Total products: $98.97With our promo you'll get them for ONLY $60 Enhance your natural curves, reduce waist inches, correct your posture and more using our waist trainers! Reduce up to 4 inches in 3 weeks, on daily use, regular exercise and eating a healthy diet.For best results:1. Apply the Warm Coffee Cream in the abdomen. 2. When the cream is almost absorbed into the skin, unroll the Osmotic Paper Wrap from left to right wrapping the abdomen twice, finishing in the same spot you started. 3. Finally wear the Sport Animal Print Waist Cincher tying the bottom up.

Waist Promotion Sale

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